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January 2006

Testimonial for the Virtual Administrator

Patterson Consulting is a specialist business improvement consultancy that works with the owners of small and medium sized enterprises. During 2005 Patterson Consulting has used extensively the services of the Virtual Administrator to support both the operation of our business consultancy and to provide specific services and support for our Wellington clients.

We have the utmost confidence in both the professionalism and capability of the Virtual Administrator and this is reflected in the quality of outputs and responsiveness to client needs.

Over time we have grown to understand the breadth of services that the Virtual Administrator is able to provide. These range from prospecting for new clients via telemarketing, design and development of marketing materials, administration support and the development of policy and procedure documentation.

The feedback from our clients has always been complimentary and they have been impressed with the short turnaround times, competitive pricing, standard of work and the ability of the Virtual Administrator to develop a thorough understanding of their business. Their confidence is reflected in their willingness to have the Virtual Administrator undertake initial contact with perspective customers and therefore creating the first impressions of their business.

Our client base has increasing demand for responsive, cost effective and multi disciplinary support services to assist them in both operational and business improvement initiatives and it is therefore with confidence that Patterson Consulting will continue to utilize the services of the Virtual Administrator.

Richard Fitzgerald  (BA, LLB)
Managing Director

SME Consulting NZ Ltd

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