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Need a reliable secretary/administrator to help you run your business efficiently?

In today’s world of email, fax machines, phones (landline or cellular),  couriers and also mail, why employ a secretary/administrator to help you run your business?  Think about how much it costs to employ a  secretary/administrator. 

When you add up the following list of things you would need and the hours the person would work, can you really afford to employ someone?

  • desk
  • chair
  • phone
  • computer and software
  • office space
  • wages and PAYE
  • sick and annual leave

The cost of the above could be put back into your business to help it grow and become more efficient See article.

Word Processing
Your business can simply be taken care of by The Virtual Administrator.  Have your reports typed in an efficient manner, and have the confidence to know that if it is not correct, that you will not have to pay for the errors made by The Virtual Administrator.  You only pay for the hours worked and nothing more.

The Virtual Administrator
will prepare your GST and all you get are friendly reminders of the due dates and the amount to pay or claim.    Ensure that your clients are invoiced and that your creditors are paid on time.  Need to pay staff?  With MYOB The Virtual Administrator can ensure your staff are paid in a timely manner and also keep track of all leave owing to them or the amount they have taken.

Dictation (Digital or Tapes)
If you use dictation as your method of recording meetings or seminars or just notes or thinking, then use the digital dictation service, or tapes if that is your method of recording.  In the digital age more and more companies are moving to digital dictation as it is a more efficient way of note taking and it means that you don't have to mess around with tapes.  Just talk into your machine and email the file to The Virtual Administrator.  Check out  0800 659 678 (in New Zealand) for more information on these machines.

Website Development
Do you have products or services which you would like other people knowing about and have the need for a website, but the cost is just too much?  The Virtual Administrator can help you set up your website and also help with finding a web host according to your needs.

Setting Up Systems and Procedures
Is your Secretary / Administrator leaving to go to another job?  Has that person documented the procedures that they use on a day to day basis.  Let The Virtual Administrator set these up for you with step by step instructions and screen dumps of the documents, presented in a folder with indexing and also a copy on disc or memory stick.  Then you will not need to help out your new Administrator and you can get on with your job of running your business. 

Remove the hassle of trying to format a document or setting up a spreadsheet with charts.  How about mail merging and email merging.  Wouldn’t you like your clients to receive newsletters personalised and in HTML format so they simply show up on their email on a regular basis?

What about using PDF for your documents, knowing that the all of your links will work and that no one is able to make changes to your document.  It is most probably the safest format for sending file attachments in email. 

Have you ever wanted to set up a customer database but have not had the time to do so?

Well look no further than The Virtual Administrator.  We are here to help you with all of this and more depending on your business needs. 

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